Aloe & History

The aloe (Aloe) is a plant known to us under the same name. It is found on several continents and has its origin on the Arabian Peninsula. The plant is characterized by its large, thick and fleshy leaves. The leaves are usually point-shaped and the edges are protected by distinctive thorns. Its colour varies from gray to bright green.

It stores juice in its thick leaves to keep itself alive during the dry periods. The aloe plant has red or yellow small flowers, which are present in large numbers on the stem in the center of the plant. The leaves are filled up with pulp and juice. The plant juice from the leaves can be used for cosmetic purposes.


Aloe & South Africa

The aloe is found in large numbers in South Africa. In total there are ± 600 different varieties, of which ± 400 varieties are found on the mainland of Africa and ± 155 varieties in South Africa.

The plant grows in almost all regions; from dry semi-desert areas to the savannah and in the rainforests, such as in the Blyde River Canyon and on Table Mountain.

The aloe plays an important role in the traditions of many African nations and has been used for centuries because of its fantastic properties, to recover from skin burns, and to moisturize and protect. Especially among the Bushmen and Xhosa populations, nations living in South Africa.

Aloe & Purity

GODDING&GODDING uses aloe and adds it as an ingredient to some of the cosmetic products. From this indigenous plant we produce extracts that perfectly match with the silk protein in our cosmetics.

Aloe is a 100% natural product. It has a number of beautiful properties, which give a particularly good effect to our silk cosmetics and therefore to you and your daily skincare.

Aloe & Cosmetics

Skincare today has captured the attention of millions of women... and men, worldwide.

By combining indigenous African plant extracts like Aloe with silk protein GODDING&GODDING has created a revolutionary skin health range and is at the leading edge of natural, hypoallergenic cosmetics for the present generation.

Aloe & Properties

Aloe has many wonderful properties. Without wanting to be completely, we list the most important ones:

- High concentration of vitamin C and E
- Antioxidant
- Hypoallergenic
- Good moisturizing properties
- Excellent for the skin, because its pH value is almost identical to that of skin
- Assists with the formation of collagen and elastin
- Assists in the healing of skin burn, cuts and scratches


It is important to be sustainable and that is why only the best is good enough for us. At GODDING&GODDING we pay attention to the details. Details that matter to deal with the earth, the people and the plant and animal world in a good and responsible way. Details that make it easy for you to choose for us. Details that are actually self-evident.

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