Fynbos & History

Fynbos is a plant family, known to us under the same name. It is only found in South Africa and the family is characterized in particular by plants which have hard leaves. They are plants, but also shrubs, which have a wide variety within a number of plant families.

After the flowering period, seeds form. Both the seeds as well as the leaves and the shrubs can be used for cosmetic purposes.


Fynbos & South Africa

Fynbos is only found in South Africa. Within it also only in the Cape provinces. Over a strip of 200 km wide inland, it is present between the North Cape and the Eastern Cape. This makes it part of the Cape flora district (Cape Capensis); the smallest of the 6 existing flora districts on earth, but the richest. There are 8,500 varieties of fynbos.

The plants and shrubs grow in coastal areas, which are characterized by wet summers and dry winters. The fynbos is already protected in several places caused by increasing urban growth. Fortunately, it is still frequently found in the wild, and also in the nature parks such as the Tsitsikamma National Park.

The fynbos plays an important role in the traditions of many African nations and has been used for centuries because of its fantastic properties, to drink as a tea; think of the Rooibos teas, which is part of the fynbos family, but also to give relief to a dry and flaky skin. Especially among the Khoisan population; a nation living in southern Africa.

Fynbos & Purity

GODDING&GODDING uses fynbos and adds it as an ingredient to some of the cosmetic products. From these indigenous plants and shrubs we produce extracts that perfectly match with the silk protein in our cosmetics.

Fynbos is a 100% natural product. It has a number of beautiful properties, which give a particularly good effect to our silk cosmetics and therefore to you and your daily skincare.

Fynbos & Cosmetics

Skincare today has captured the attention of millions of women... and men, worldwide.

By combining indigenous African plant and shrub extracts like Fynbos with silk protein GODDING&GODDING has created a revolutionary skin health range and is at the leading edge of natural, hypoallergenic cosmetics for the present generation.

Fynbos & Properties

Fynbos has many wonderful properties. Without wanting to be completely, we list the most important ones:

- Anti-allergic properties
- Antioxidant
- Anti-ageing
- Naturally soothing and calming
- Soothes away stress, eases muscular and skeletal pain
- Relieves eczema and psoriasis
- Promotes better sleep and relaxation


It is important to be sustainable and that is why only the best is good enough for us. At GODDING&GODDING we pay attention to the details. Details that matter to deal with the earth, the people and the plant and animal world in a good and responsible way. Details that make it easy for you to choose for us. Details that are actually self-evident.

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