About us

Our Story

Founded in 1992 by naturalist and conservationist Susan Godding, GODDING&GODDING has evolved from a small, family run silk farm – specializing in fine silk linen and silk products – to an international company, well known and respected for its original silk & fragrances of Africa, luxurious skin care products, the finest bedding and bed clothes - and gifts for those who enjoy a truly sophisticated lifestyle.

Long before the natural and wellness movement became popular, GODDING&GODDING was wholeheartedly embracing the riches of the natural world, introducing skin care products made with pure silk, flower and plant essences. We are dedicated to creating products and gifts that transform the ordinary rituals of daily life into extraordinary pleasurable experiences.


Our Inspiration

GODDING&GODDING takes its inspiration from the ancient Chinese and the natural goodness of Africa. Silk- first discovered five thousand years ago- became the royal fabric of ancient China and remains so to this day.


Not satisfied with only wearing and sleeping wrapped in the finest natural fibre, the Tsang Dynasty learned to add pure silk to distilled fragrant waters for bathing creating soothing essences and wellness for the skin.

GODDING&GODDING has embraced these traditions, developing a range of unique products each naturally enhanced by Africa’s own traditional use of her fauna and flora for wellness, vitality and aroma, (Fynbos, Aloe Vera, Baobab and Marula) resulting in a range of products of uncompromising quality and luxury; that is GODDING&GODDING.


Our Values

At GODDING&GODDING we understand the value of time and the luxury associated with that. Our world exists around that of the individual, their personal time, whether it be sleep time, bath time, or just time off at home. We create products for these times. From silk skincare to silk bedding and gifts, we handcraft the finest range of products all centered around silk and the essences of Africa.

Our experience and history allows us to lay claim to the quality which is totally unique - made by the very people of Africa that we promote, support and encourage.


Our Team

At GODDING&GODDING we employ a number of local ladies that have been trained specifically in the art of Silk production. From the stretching of silk into the batting for our popular duvet inners, the sewing of luxurious satin silk bathrobes to the unique and world renowned silk skin care we manufacture; our ladies take pride and special care with each and every item handcrafted.

Our Secret

Africa has many wonderful secrets, few of which the world has been exposed to. After all, secrets are secrets. At GODDING&GODDING we keep Africa’s secrets secret but through our products we share a few benefits, a few scents, a few luxuries even. We are African after all; the plants, the trees and the herbs we infuse with our pure silk is all African, and provides a remarkable balance in giving away Africa’s secrets, so that our products deliver something extraordinary for you.

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