Baobab & History

The baobab (Adansonia digitata) is a tree known to us as the Monkey Bread Tree. It is found in southern Africa and is characterized by its enormous size (an 11 meter thick trunk with a circumference of 34 meters) and its strange shape; it looks as if it is standing with its roots into the air, and thus grows 'upside down'.

It can grow very old; up to more than a 1,000 years. It stores juice in its trunk to keep itself alive during the dry periods. The baobab tree is fruitful. These fruits are larger than an adult's hand and are filled up with pulp and seeds. Both the pulp and the seeds, but also the leaves can be used for cosmetic purposes.

baobab in mand

Baobab & South Africa

The baobab in Africa is mainly to be found in southern Africa. In total there are 9 varieties, of which 1 variety exists on the mainland of Africa and with that also in South Africa; the Adansonia digitata. This baobab tree is named after its French naturalist Michel Adanson.

This indigenous tree grows on the savannah in low-rainfall areas and can also be found in nature parks such as the Kruger National Park.

The baobab plays an important role in the traditions of many African nations and has been used for centuries because of its fantastic properties, to heal from many skin ailments and to help nourish and protect the skin. Especially among the Shangaan population; a Bantu nation, living in Zimbabwe and southern Africa.

Baobab & Purity

GODDING&GODDING uses baobab and adds it as an ingredient to some of the cosmetic products. From this indigenous tree we produce extracts that perfectly match with the silk protein in our cosmetics.

Baobab is a 100% natural product. It has a number of beautiful properties, which give a particularly good effect to our silk cosmetics and therefore to you and your daily skincare.

Baobab & Cosmetics

Skincare today has captured the attention of millions of women... and men, worldwide.

By combining indigenous African plant extracts like Baobab with silk protein GODDING&GODDING has created a revolutionary skin health range and is at the leading edge of natural, hypoallergenic cosmetics for the present generation.

Baobab & Properties

Baobab has many wonderful properties. Without wanting to be completely, we list the most important ones:

- Rich in vitamins A, D, E, and F
- High concentration of vitamin C. 6 times more than that of an orange
- Antioxidant
- Has quick absorption
- Improves the elasticity of the skin without clogging pores
- Proven protection for the skin from sun and city pollutants and aging


It is important to be sustainable and that is why only the best is good enough for us. At GODDING&GODDING we pay attention to the details. Details that matter to deal with the earth, the people and the plant and animal world in a good and responsible way. Details that make it easy for you to choose for us. Details that are actually self-evident.

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