Handcrafted & Our Employees

Our experience and history allow us to lay claim to the quality which is totally unique in that it is one of a kind, made by the very people of Africa that we promote, support and encourage.

All our products are handcrafted. From the blending of the ingredients to the filling, closing, labelling and packing of the cosmetic products.

handgemaakt vullen

This work is done by enthusiastic and committed employees from the vicinity of our production location. They are specially trained in the various skills and are of great importance for GODDING&GODDING.

Our employees are proud that every individual product is carefully handcrafted and controlled. And we are proud of them!

Handcrafted & Why GODDING&GODDING?

It is important to be sustainable and that is why only the best is good enough for us. At GODDING&GODDING we pay attention to the details. Details that matter to deal with the earth, the people and the plant and animal world in a good and responsible way. Details that make it easy for you to choose for us. Details that are actually self-evident.

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